cotton linen VOILE

Fiber, Weave, Weight: 85% cotton, 15% linen, 3 oz/yd

About: A crisp, semi-sheer fabric. The term voile is French for veil indicating the fabric's qualities for impeccable drape and softness, similar to a gauze. Voile is made with high-quality cotton fibers, highly twisted to create strength and tear-resistance.

Source: Japan

Care: Machine wash cool on gentle with like colors, though hand-washing is preferred. Voile is prone to shrinking and sometimes too delicate to toss in with regular laundry. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat. A natural detergent is recommended. Iron on low heat for a flat finish. Pre-treat any stains with white vinegar - using a clean white washcloth, dab the stain or let the vinegar soak in for 15 minutes.

This fabric is pre-washed prior to sewing to prevent shrinkage.

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