fw2019 launch and so many updates!

Stella top

Hey guys, this is Lauren! I’ve wanted a place to share thoughts and happenings for awhile now, and it’s finally become a reality. Introducing this journal. I look forward to sharing more with you all from now on, and to facilitate a place where you can feel free to comment and share questions with me.

This week, we launched our latest collection, Fall/Winter 2019. The lookbook was photographed by Joe Bauer, modeled and styled by Katie Bauer. This is actually our sixth shoot we’ve worked on together! They are an incredibly talented team, and I’m honored to add this lookbook to the list of collaborations together. Katie is usually behind the camera, not in front of it, so I was overjoyed when she agreed to model for the collection. The pair shot the look book in Brooklyn, New York.

This season introduced our most elegant fabric yet, a washed Indian shantung silk that is alive with shine and iridescence. This material was made for the holidays. In addition to silk, we brought back our beloved medium weight wool, made in the Pacific Northwest. You can find tried-and-true styles returning like the Stella Top, Sage Pant, and Wraparound Jumpsuit returning, with some new additions like the Wraparound Blazer, Jackson Coat (named after my nephew, who’s been schooling me on all things Zelda: Breath of the Wild lately), and Turtleneck Tee. The Mesa Dress (my favorite!) and Rebecca Dress are both reversible and suitable for year-round wear, and the Cove Pant is a serious statement piece, especially in silk.

The FW 2019 collection pays tribute to one of my favorite 1930s films, My Man Godfrey, especially in the decadence and glamour of the materials I picked for this collection, but it’s also about wearability and versatility. The Mesa Dress and Wraparound Blazer are both iterations of previous patterns I’ve made, but with changes that result in more functionality (the Mesa Dress now features a flattering, statement short sleeve and can be worn as a layering piece and in almost any season depending on the fabric chosen). And as always, I want to make clothing that remains in your rotation for years to come, so we always have quality and comfort foremost in mind.

In addition to the new collection launch, there are so many more updates that I want to share with you.

Extended sizing, including Short and Tall pant lengths!

Our styles now feature extended sizing. We’ve increased sizing options in the majority of our styles, ranging from XXS to 3XL. Offering XXS is important to me personally - as someone who is 5’2 with a petite frame, it’s always been difficult to find sizes that work for me, and XXS is my new go-to size in the Mesa Dress and Lark Top.

We’ve had several requests for adjusted inseams on our pants styles, and we’re happy to finally accommodate those requests. From now on, our Sage Pant, Wide Pant, and Slim Pant are offered in Short, Regular, or Tall lengths!

In addition to more size options than ever before, we’ve listened to customer feedback and shrunk the size of our pockets on the Sage and Slim Pant, as well as the Wraparound Jumpsuit and Cove Pant. The pockets are smaller and the side seam opening is smaller, too - resulting in less fabric bulk and a more secure pants pocket.

For those of you who have requested photos of different body shapes wearing different sizes for reference, we hear you and agree! That’s our goal for next season, so stay tuned for that.

wraparound blazer

New prices.

This season marks our first price increase in nearly five years. There are several reasons for the rise in price, but the main reason is the increase in material costs. Several of our bestselling styles were first introduced back in 2015 (our Wide Pant, Wraparound Jumpsuit, and Wraparound Top being among them), and we’ve kept their prices the same since then. Unfortunately, the cost to produce them has grown as fabric costs have risen. In addition to material prices rising, as we extend our sizing, larger sizes take up more fabric, and we’ve adjusted our prices to reflect the extra material cost. This is something we’re excited to offer and believe it’s worth the added cost. We hope you guys feel the same!

The largest rise in pricing is in our Wraparound Top, which went up 12.5% in price, and our Wraparound Jumpsuit, which increased 11.5%. Several other styles rose 5-10%, and some haven’t changed at all in price. We feel these price increases are necessary and allow us to continue offering a great product, but we also want to practice transparency with you all and let you know the reason behind the changes.

Free shipping worldwide, on all orders!

Yep, you heard right! Free shipping everywhere, all the time, for retail customers shopping our website. We hope this makes our work more accessible to people everywhere. Customers in the US will receive complimentary USPS Priority shipping, while customers elsewhere will receive complimentary USPS First Class mail service on all orders.

Donation to a local cause. This season, it’s Project Host.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for awhile (and have done with our holiday collections in the past), and now it’s official. A portion of every purchase you make on our website this fall and winter season goes to Project Host, a soup kitchen based in Greenville that offers free meals to homeless and low income families. In addition to offering meals, Project Host provides a variety of other services to our community, including a culinary school for unemployed or underemployed workers. For more information, check out their website.

In an era of limitless information, choosing a cause to support can be a little overwhelming. While being plugged into national and global news is important, I’m a firm believer that we have more power on a smaller, more local scale - whether it’s supporting a small business, voting, or volunteering. That’s why I chose to support a local organization. In addition to financial support, it’s our goal to support Project Host as volunteers this season as well.

Rebecca Dress

Our small team is slowly but surely settling into our new studio here in Greenville. As we figure out our work rhythm, I’m excited to have more time to dedicate to communication with customers.. via this journal, on our instagram, email, via newsletter, and more. Stay tuned for an introduction to the team, a list of all the things we’re listening to/watching/reading lately, customer spotlights, and much more as we move into autumn.

In the meantime, please reach out with any questions or comments - we love hearing from you. And as always, thanks for your support!