Black denim

Organic cotton denim

Fabric, Weave, Weight: 100% cotton, 6 oz/yd

About: Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and other agrochemicals for more than 3 years on virgin soil. Generally, chemicals are used to yield higher amounts of cotton meaning that great pollution in the soil, water, and air occurs because of such potent chemical use. Because of pesticide / chemical free crops, organic cotton is softer to the touch as well as much safer for the environment. Organic materials also decompose naturally back into the earth, therefore not leaving behind harmful toxins. 

This denim is yarn-dyed and lightweight, making it versatile for all seasons. Wear as a standalone layer in the summer or pair with warm knits and coats in the chillier months. The weave has an unexpected smooth texture, making this textile particularly flattering in drape. A beautiful denim to dress up for work or dress down for everyday life. 

Source: Japan

Care: Gentle wash cool with like colors. Reduce your eco-footprint even more by skipping fabric softener and bleach. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Iron if desired for a more crisp finish. 

This fabric is pre-washed prior to sewing to prevent shrinkage.

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