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shantung silk

Fabric, Weave, Weight: 100% silk

About: Shantung silk possesses a beautiful hand, crisp and granular with visible striations. Shantung is a heavier, premium silk, featuring a lightly pebbled surface and ribbed effect. Our silk contains slightly different tones of gold in the warp and weft, giving our silk its contrasting iridescence. Shantung silk is a machine woven fabric, often used for formal attire, making this silk perfect for all party occasions! Lightweight, this fabric can be transitioned into all seasons.

Source: India

Care: To keep its luster over time, we recommend dry cleaning. But if dry cleaning is not preferred, gentle wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. For a crisp finish, iron with high heat to smooth out hems, etc. 

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