Fiber, Weave, Weight: 47.5% soy, 47.5% organic cotton, 5% spandex, 6.3 oz/yd

About: A lightweight jersey made of soy protein fiber, the fiber being formed from waste product of an abundant resource. The making of this fiber begins with the extraction of oil from soybeans; a soy "cake" is then left behind. Protein is collected from this cake through distillation. The protein is then refined and converted into a liquid form by adding a non-toxic auxiliary agent and enzyme. Soy jersey is made from the knitting of this fiber, creating a soft and supple textile. Jersey is also known for its warm and insulating properties - perfect for layering with your favorite sweater on crisp fall mornings or biting winter evenings. 

Source: China

Care: Gentle wash cool with like colors and tumble dry low / lay flat to dry. Soy blends should not be steamed, only iron soy jersey on low heat. Do not use bleach as it will destroy the fiber. 

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