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Fiber, Weave, Weight: 85% cotton, 15% linen, 3 oz/yd

About: A crisp, semi-sheer fabric. The term voile is French for veil indicating the fabric's qualities for impeccable drape and softness, similar to a gauze. Voile is made with high-quality cotton fibers, highly twisted to create strength and tear-resistance. We've chosen a linen cotton blend. The linen adds a bit more stiffness and texture, making this voile perfect for the fall and winter months.

Source: Japan

Care: Pre-treat any stains with white vinegar - using a clean white washcloth, dab the stain or let the vinegar soak in for 15 minutes. Machine wash cool on gentle with like colors, though hand-washing is preferred. Voile is prone to shrinking and sometimes too delicate to toss in with regular laundry. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat. A natural detergent is recommended. Iron on low heat as well for a stiffer, more crisp finish. 

Shop: Agnes Top

Hemp linen 

Fiber, Weave, Weight: 100% hemp, linen, 5.8oz/yd

About: Semi-sheer hemp linen has a nubby, earthy texture. The fabric begins with a stiff, crisp hand but continues to soften beautifully with each wash. No dyes were used, resulting in the fiber's natural ivory hue.

Hemp is an ultra-durable fiber that has been used in textile production for thousands of years. Hemp grows fast, uses little water, and requires no pesticides or herbicides (fun fact: hemp is naturally insect resistant!), resulting in a fiber much gentler on the earth than cotton or linen. Hemp is considered by many to be the most adaptable and sustainable plant on the earth, and it also happens to be wonderful against your skin.

Source: Hemp linen is sourced from China, where the fibers are grown, harvested, and woven into textiles.

Our fabric supplier is a member of Green America, a nonprofit consumer organization that promotes economic and social justice as well as environmental sustainability. Our supplier visits factories twice a year to personally ensure the quality of the workplace and care of the workers. Workers are provided a safe and clean work environment, paid a fair wage, and offered health insurance, maternity and sick leave. No child labor is used. For more on the guidelines enforced by our suppliers, please visit Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production.

Care: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low heat or hang to dry. Natural detergent is recommended. The more you wash and wear, the softer this fabric will get! Iron on medium to high heat.

This fabric is pre-washed prior to sewing to ensure no shrinkage.

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Fiber, Weave, Weight: 47.5% soy, 47.5% organic cotton, 5% spandex, 6.3 oz/yd

About: A lightweight jersey made of soy protein fiber, the fiber being formed from waste product of an abundant resource. The making of this fiber begins with the extraction of oil from soybeans; a soy "cake" is then left behind. Protein is collected from this cake through distillation. The protein is then refined and converted into a liquid form by adding a non-toxic auxiliary agent and enzyme. Soy jersey is made from the knitting of this fiber, creating a soft and supple textile. Jersey is also known for its warm and insulating properties - perfect for layering with your favorite sweater on crisp fall mornings or biting winter evenings. 

Source: China

Care: Gentle wash cool with like colors and tumble dry low / lay flat to dry. Soy blends should not be steamed, only iron soy jersey on low heat. Do not use bleach as it will destroy the fiber. 

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tencel Twill

Fiber, Weave, Weight: 100% tencel, twill, 4.75oz/yd

About: Enzyme washed tencel twill is a natural man-made fiber. Created from cellulose found in wood pulp from responsibly grown forests, tencel is a biodegradable, super sleek, machine washable alternative to silk. It's easily the softest, most breathable fiber we work with.

The fiber is made using a close-looped system, meaning 99% of the chemicals and solvents used in breaking down wood pulp are recycled and reused, causing less emissions and waste. Tencel uses pulp from eucalyptus trees, which don't rely on irrigation or pesticides, resulting in less water and land usage than conventional cotton. For more on this wonder fiber, click here.

Enzyme washing is a process that breaks fibers down to a silky texture and sheen. Enzyme washing is an environmentally friendly alternative to stone washing, which can require toxic chemicals and excess waste.

Source: China

Care: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low heat or hang to dry. Natural detergent is recommended. Iron on low heat. Do not use fabric softeners when washing tencel, as they might stain the fabric.

Shop: Wraparound Jumpsuit, Mesa Top, Cove Pant, Wraparound Dress, Wide Pant


Organic cotton denim

Fabric, Weave, Weight: 100% cotton, 6 oz/yd

About: Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and other agrochemicals for more than 3 years on virgin soil. Generally, chemicals are used to yield higher amounts of cotton meaning that great pollution in the soil, water, and air occurs because of such potent chemical use. Because of pesticide / chemical free crops, organic cotton is softer to the touch as well as much safer for the environment. Organic materials also decompose naturally back into the earth, therefore not leaving behind harmful toxins. 

This denim is yarn-dyed and lightweight, making it versatile for all seasons. Wear alone for a comfortable warmth or layer with warm knits and coats for the chillier months. Further, the weave has a characteristic smoothness and weight, making this textile particularly flattering in drape. A beautiful denim to dress up for work or dress down for everyday life. 

Source: Japan

Care: Gentle wash cool with like colors. Reduce your eco-footprint even more by skipping fabric softener and bleach. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Iron if desired for a more crisp finish. 

Shop: Wraparound Jumpsuit, Sage Pant, Wide Pant


Fabric, Weave, Weight: Medium weight, pure virgin wool, 13 oz/yd

About: Pendleton wool sourced from American raised sheep, made in the Pacific Northwest. We've chosen a virgin wool meaning the wool fiber has never been previously spun or woven into fabric. Pendleton never uses recycled wool because many of the desirable qualities are lost in the process. 

Wool is an extremely multi-faceted fiber - easy to care for, comfortable year round, a beautiful hand, and lasting durability. The elasticity in wool makes it naturally wrinkle resistant and great for holding shape. A natural insulator that allows skin to breathe, keeping one cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Colors are deep, rich, and lasting - the hollow fiber of wool allowing deep absorption for zero-fade. 

This season, we've chosen a medium weight wool - heavy but not too heavy. With a resistance to water, stains, and fire, this pure virgin wool is a lasting addition.

Source: Pacific Northwest

Care: Dry clean or spot clean. Wool is naturally resistant to stains and dirt, wash sparingly. If one prefers to hand wash, use a mild, all natural soap. We recommend Eucalan and lukewarm water. Submerge the wool and soak for 3-5 minutes. Squeeze excess water gently out of garment - do not wring or twist. Lay flat on clean towels to dry.

Shop: Sage Pant, Mesa Shawl, Poet Tunic, Wraparound Dress