- Meet Lauren -

I’m a board game, film, and beer enthusiast. I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband Neil and our Jack Russell Terrier mix, Bloom. Growing up in the Midwest, I was the youngest of three girls – I was the tomboy of the family, so I grew up on a steady diet of video games and science fiction. Faith and community are a big part of my life, and Neil and I love having friends over for dinner and game nights.

My love of clothing design grew from my work as an online vintage clothing seller. I taught myself how to sew by altering clothing from thrift stores, which turned out to be much cheaper than buying new fabric. From learning how to sew, it was a natural progression to making original designs and eventually, starting my own brand.

A part of this brand’s ethos is no zippers, snaps, or buttons; we work on a strictly pullover, ties, and elastic-only model. This rule keeps design work both challenging and interesting. For me, design is all about problem-solving. At this stage, throwing a zipper in feels almost like cheating. Wraps, ties, and elastic adapt to the wearer – they breathe and move with the body. To me, this is comfort.

Nowadays, my notion of comfort is growing to include wearability and versatility. I want the pieces we sew to suit many styles and uses, to translate from day to night effortlessly, to work on days when you’re constantly on the go without restricting movement. Ease of wash is nearly as important as ease of wear. Most of our styles are machine washable, and this directly influences comfort – moms with kids, travelers on vacation, messy humans like myself – we feel more ourselves when we know what we’re wearing is durable, long-lasting, and washable.

I want to be a steward of my blessings, and that includes the earth and taking good care of it. I get excited when I make the best possible decisions for not only our brand but our planet and the people living on it.

All of our products tell a story, and I want it to be a positive one. While we make everything in our Portland studio, the story doesn’t start there. It begins with the plants that are harvested and woven into textiles in countries thousands of miles away. Our pure virgin wool comes from sheep raised here in the Pacific Northwest, our denim comes from the USA, linen from Europe, and our hemp textiles from China. It’s a long chain of relationships, accountability, and trust, from the farms to the textile mills, to the suppliers, to our studio here in Greenville. I want our customers to be excited about not only supporting our small brand, but the entire chain involved.