etsy interview with designer kelly of i'm your present!

I lucked out again. Just a few days ago, gorgeous Kelly from I'm Your Present responded to some questions of mine.

Kelly is another one of those girls that you've got to admire, even if you're busy being terribly jealous of her creativity.. she makes some beautiful, beautiful pieces that embody her own personality and imagination. Her rompers and dresses are filled with a coquettish playfulness, the sort of thing you love to put on just to feel feminine and pretty after a day of work. Lots of bows, 80s florals, vintage patterns, perfect pastels (is anyone else willing to kill for that seafoam playsuit below?). If you want to look girlishly sexy, you go to I'm Your Present. And after checking out her Etsy sales as well as her clientele (I think everyone in the US has heard of the cutely controversial Katy Perry by now), you know lots of people are after just that. 

What have you been up to recently? 

I've been preparing to sell at the Providence, Rhode Island Indie Fest this weekend, it's a really fun day of crafts and tons of awesome local bands from 12pm- 12am. I also just got in touch with Katy Perry and Audrey Kitching and am working on clothes for them. Katy Perry actually found me on Etsy about 2 years ago before she got big. She is so awesome, sweet and really supports independent fashion! Audrey Kitching is of course the same way, I admire and adore both of them so much.  

How would you describe your sense of style? 

Girly, fun, playful. Most days while i'm working I just wear leggings and cardigans but whenever I go out I love to dress up!  

Where do you see your personal fashion going? 

My style is always evolving but its routed in the same idea - being ultra girly and having fun with fashion.  

How did you get involved with Etsy, and what is your success secret? 

My friend and I were trying to figure out venues to sell our things and Etsy seemed like the best online choice, although I wasn't all that familiar with it when I started my shop. I'm so thrilled and lucky with the success I've had on Etsy. My secret is all the generic stuff like listing often, having a good product and pictures. Basically I just put everything I have into it, there is hardly a moment when I am not thinking about or working on my line.  

What are your plans for the near and/or far off future? 

There are things I want and dream up, but I don't really share them with anyone, for now I just want to take everything week by week!  

What inspires you most of all? 

Turkey sandwiches! JK... the way I want to dress, and my friends. Little things inspire me all the time, like seeing an elaborately decorated cake or a frilly 80's prom dress. Seeing my friends and peers on Etsy updating their new designs is a HUGE inspiration, it gets me so excited that I want to immediately start sewing! 

Thanks so much, Kelly!!

Tomorrow.. Etsy Store opening and giveaway winner announcement!