junk shops equal.. well, junk. mostly.

Pictures by Mom!

Clown shirt - thrifted by my brother-in-law in high school, reworked by my sister 30 years later (just kidding, Danny!)
Striped skirt - H&M
Denim stirrup leggings, black floral hair pin, leaf necklace - Forever21
Boho bag - Flea market
Cutout heels, cross necklace - Thrift

So this is my 'edgy' clothing response to my last post - wearing a shirt with a clown crossed off that reads 'No Bozos'. I went straight from 50s housewife to biker chick, right? Well, it's one step at a time, and I believe my sister Ashley when she speaks of balance in a wardrobe. You can't be 100% feminine or 100% masculine all of the time - the best outfits are ones that combine the two genders seamlessly (not in an 'It's Pat' sort of way, either, but I do think androgyny plays a small part).

Speaking of my sister Ashley.. here she is! In a beautiful drop-waist maxi dress. She, Mom, and I had a chance to go antique/junk store shopping today, and we had a great time with some interesting places (Mom joined us later at the less creepy ones in Franklin, where we found that beautiful lamp shown below at a gift shop above Henpeck Market).

Just Ash and I went to this gem. Exploring Steely's Corner in Columbia requires a strong tolerance for mildew and low ceilings. Aside from that and the lack of clothing, it was a really great place to look around. The helpful workers at Steely's took a haphazard approach to decorating, and I loved it. When you dig around in a junk shop, you feel like you've truly earned whatever you find in the many mystery bins and piles.

Antique and thrift stores off the beaten path always yield the best results.

Every time I hit up an antique store, I search for old photos and scrapbooks, and especially now that everyone seems to be finding great ones and posting about them. Well, I have never found one until today.. It was a beautiful yellow book with gold detailing, in awesome shape, from the 1960s. And it was a travel scrapbook! The work people put into these things - all of the details - made my sister and I wonder how they end up in antique stores at all. This one even had a section on plane rides. Shouldn't these scrapbooks be passed down?

So, did I buy this great scrapbook find? No. I ended up purchasing this Darth Vader porcelain bust. I'm sorry, but my nerdy passions have to win out. Darth Vader is going straight to our living room bookshelf when we move into our new Nashville place on Monday.

Aside from Darth Vader, I found an old bamboo rug and a home sweet home sign that is going above our front door. We also found a strange 1960s coffee table that Neil and I might be going back for. Old furniture will always be better than new to me. Unless the furniture comes from Urban Outfitters and is made to resemble old furniture, of course.