velvet goldmine. not to be confused with androgyny and glam rock man loving.

Photos by Neil!

Victorian Navy Velvet Dress - Goodwill
1960s Alligator Pumps (shown in detail below) - Goodwill
Yellow Lace Hairclip - Handmade

Yesterday, Neil and I took our first trip to Nashville's Goodwill outlet.. we came out with ten pounds of clothes, some housewares (that I swear I've seen at my grandparent's house in Illinois!), and the greatest 80s blonde dresser with some crazy mirror paneling.

Out of the massive pile of Goodwill randoms, there are two dresses that were the best.. one is the velvet one above (I've been all into velvet lately - I blame Diane of Darling Darling, I swear I've seen some beautiful velvet stuff in her shop and on her blog lately), and the other dress is a gorgeous drop waist in pastel plaid with a white, lacy collar, plaid bow, and puffy sleeves. I'm wearing it tomorrow to meet up with a cool Nashville girl for coffee, and I am definitely posting about it!

Most of the clothes I found were pieces I'd like to mess around with for crafting purposes. Old man shirts, early 90s jumpers, nightgowns with cool pockets. So today, I've been crafting it up. I cut up a little girl's jumper and am making some floral print harem pants out of it. I also dissected an emerald green dress with intentions of making it into a tiered skirt. My list of started but not yet completed projects has jumped from 15 to 400.

While the dresses rock, here are my absolute favorite finds... two pairs of 60s heels in awesome condition! This is the first time I've found great shoes at a Goodwill, and they happen to be wonderful. I couldn't believe my luck. Some old lady must have dropped off her stock, and I am deeply indebted to her.

Meet our bird friend, conveniently located in our mailbox.

Happy August, everyone! July barely existed, didn't it? Usually, I'm so excited for autumn.. it is my favorite season, trees are beautiful, HALLOWEEN happens, the weather is perfect for tights and light jackets, the air smells like burning leaves and bonfires. But right now, I'm so obsessed with summery jumpers, florals, and pastels that I don't want them to leave just yet. This is the last month of true summer.. I will live it up. 

And when fall comes, I will probably still be wearing jumpers, florals, and pastels.