a bit of outfit inspiration and blog award pass-along

Photos by Neil!

White Ruffle Blouse, Oversized Gray Sweater - Forever21
Striped Mini Skirt - H&M
Navy and Gold Belt - thrifted
Navy Tights - Urban Outfitters
Brown Oxford Heels - Bongo

This outfit was inspired by a W. spread that I looked through in Borders last night. I'm not big on W., but this photo shoot was classic - a 1940's theme with lots of liberty print and pin curls (and lots of underwear and shirtless men in suspenders.. a bit strange and not my thing.. why does everything have to be sexy now?).

In one of the pictures, a girl was wearing a long sweater with a white ruffle top tucked inside of it. So, I took one of my off-the-shoulder tops and safety pinned the ruffles together to have a higher neck effect. In the end, I kind of had a fop-ish naval officer air, which I didn't mind.

I promised to pass on a few awards that I've received lately! While I know I'm forgetting one or two (and I apologize, I really do appreciate these lovely awards!), I'm going to pass on the Vogue Award and Kreativ Blogger award.

I received the Vogue Award from Eunice and Laila, two women with beautiful blogs that are worth taking a look at - thanks a lot, girls!

I'm passing it on to Effie of the snail and the cyclops, which I'm sure you have all heard of.. but I couldn't resist. This girl is beautiful and true to herself and her own unique style. I can't get over how romantic and timeless her outfits are.

Eunice also handed me the Kreativ Blogger award!

Casey of Casey's Elegant Musings deserves twenty of these awards. She can turn any old pattern into a bright new piece, and she often does just that on her blog. Her inspiration posts live up to their name EVERY TIME, too.

I've had a few college friends start blogs lately.. these are stylish girls with very specific and unique identities, they all have so much to give to the blogging community - in other words, I'm crazy excited for what they have to say and show! Kristina, Paige, and Rachel.. keep an eye out for these lovely, true life friends of mine!

Man alive, I loved summer a second ago but I am so sick of this humid, sticky, Tennessee weather. Give me autumn! And speaking of.. I have come across the greatest coats during thrift runs lately. Lovely quilted furs that I am definitely investing in once the weather is cool.

I also found a boater hat today! My first! I'm working on a lace bow to attach to it. It is headed to the shop next week, along with some beautiful party dresses I'm hemming.

Friday, I head to Atlanta with Neil to visit Rhi and Drew! We're going to sit in on Alton Brown's 10th anniversary special of Good Eats (is anyone else obsessed with that dorky Food Network show?). The weekend trip will have a culinary theme, I think. Neil and I haven't really gone out to eat at a nice place since we moved, due to our strict budget. When we lived near St Louis, dining out was all we did. We grabbed the 'Top 35 Restaurants in St Louis' list and ran with it, and oh man, it was fun.

So while we're in Atlanta, we're splurging a little and hitting up some restaurants - like the Flip Burger Boutique (YES TO CHEESEBURGERS EVERY DAY!) and Cakes & Ale (named after a Twelfth Night quote and serving the best coffee I've ever had, literally.. Counter Culture Coffee). Have I told you guys Neil's main passion in life? He is a food lover.. no, I have to be corny and call him a food adventurer. He is willing to try anything and, I've come to find out, he is willing to make anything as well. He is my perfect foil, me whose food bubble consists of safe options like brownies and hot dogs (I know.. since when were hot dogs safe..). I have tried eel and alligator and sweetbreads and foie gras and all sorts of funny textured things while in his presence. He's my food strength and strong stomach.

This blog is dangerously looking like a rant. Time for bed.