etsy shop update and BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!

Etsy shop update today! Twelve beautiful new items, including this lovely black and red plaid jumper, 1960s floral shift dress, 1970s suede sandals (seriously, check these beasts out), and androgynous deep pink oversized boyfriend blazer!

On another, even more exciting note... I'm offering a sale this week! My BACK TO SCHOOL SALE requires no evidence of actually going back to school... just buy one item and get another item of equal or lesser value for 50% off! This sale will only last for ten days - until August 20th, so definitely take advantage of it soon!

I'm CRAZILY looking forward to posting on Wednesday.. I'll be doing my second giveaway with one of my favorite Etsy sellers.. a very talented, gorgeous girl that makes me want to pick up woodworking. More soon. :)