my first gunne sax dress!

Photos by Neil! Pictures taken at the Battle of Nashville monument.

Gunne Sax dress - Local Honey Vintage
Zodiac boots - thrifted gift from Rhi
Lace hair bow - Hohenwald, TN fabric store
Rose pendant - gift from a small town festival

I promised you guys pictures of the perfect Gunne Sax dress I bought at Local Honey a couple of weeks ago.. I finally got around to detaching the ruffle and moving it up a couple inches to shorten it. So, here it is!

I've always wanted to try out a Gunne Sax dress, especially after seeing them all over nice vintage stores. All of the lace, the high collars, and the empire waists. The soft half Renaissance, half Little House on the Prairie details. The boots are Zodiacs that Rhi found at a thrift store that wouldn't fit her, so she gave them to me. When she found them, they were coated in orange dirt on the inside, so I had to clean them out before I wore them. It was very much worth it.. now, I wear them all the time.

Neil and I have friends staying over again! My growing-up friends Ash and Garrett are staying over this weekend. We are headed to a free wine and cheese tasting at Corrieri's tomorrow after coffee at Frothy Monkey (the best local coffee place, hands down - although I still swear by Starbucks) and the Local Honey yard sale! After all of that, we're headed to my parent's house for dinner. I love spending time with old friends in new places.