nashville's shady thrift row

I've heard rumors of seedy thrift stores in Nashville, but for some reason I could only find nice vintage shops like Local Honey and a Goodwill or two.. until now. This weekend, I received some tips from a cool Nashville friend on where some hole in the wall thrift stores were hiding. 

So, after watching (500) Days of Summer with Mom (which was fantastic, by the way! and not just because Zooey Deschanel is adorable and wears cute blue clothes throughout the film), my friend Zach and I went to about five different thrift shops, all nestled between Mexican grocery markets and adult video stores.

Here are a few of my finds. Lately, it seems all of my luck has been lurking in the children's section. Little girls always have the cutest, fanciest dresses, and today I found some lovely ones! I also found 70s sandals in wonderful condition and a touristy straw bag, as well as some other dresses and a couple bright 80s blazers I'm tempted to try out.

My latest lookouts? Definitely plaid jumpers and drop waist dresses. I've never been so into drop waists until the dress I found just this past week at Goodwill, which I can't wait to wear, and now the girly polka dot dress above. Good vintage slouchy boots? Although who knows when I'll be able to find some.. they will give an edge to all of the femininity I've been baring lately. Velvet is a new thing for me. Fur is also new.. never liked it before, but I recently bought an H&M cardigan with a fur collar. Wearing the cardigan makes me feel 40 years older in the best way. Half glamorous, half bohemian. As for pastels, florals, and puffy sleeves, well, they'll be around for awhile.

Friends are over! I'm currently living in a house filled with guys. We're hitting Nashville like tourists tomorrow, hopefully heading towards a great ice cream shop downtown. What's better than a mocha? A mocha with ice cream, of course. And it's burger week! Bison burgers today, classic cheeseburgers tomorrow.

One girl, four men.. I can live with this. At least until Friday.