charleston, charleston!

Photos by Mom!

Gray Dress - Forever21
Plaid Hair Bow - Handmade
Plaid Tiny Fit Blazer - Thrifted
Black Crocheted Knee High Socks - Urban Outfitters
Lace Up Heels - H&M

Last weekend, my mom, sisters, and I took a trip to Charleston! I didn't know what to expect, so when we drove in, I was in awe. The beauty of it all really overwhelmed me - it was hard to find a street or alleyway that wasn't charming and manicured and well-preserved. The entire city seems to glow.

We stayed on Meeting Street, in a fantastic home built in 1740. The rooms we stayed in were originally where the servants slept, above the kitchen - which boasted a massive brick fireplace over 10 feet wide! Every room had a fireplace in it, and wonderful, creaky hardwood floors. The owner of the house told us a story about guests staying in the rooms beneath us hearing children running all over our rooms above them one night - when no one was staying there at all. That night, Rhi turned the kitchen light on when I wasn't looking and then told me it was a kid ghost that did it. I kept waiting for the ghost to turn the light back off.

We went shopping, took a haunted jail tour (TERRIFYING), listened to Dixieland jazz (banjo! wonderful), took pictures in pretty cemeteries, walked around the Battery, and ate some fantastic seafood. I even found a place that hand rolls their own cigars, so I had to take one home for Neil. Coffee was a highlight, too.. City Lights Coffee in downtown Charleston serves Counter Culture, which is the best coffee I've ever had. And all of this with my beautiful mom and sisters.

The history of the city was the best part of it all.. voodoo history, pirate history (Blackbeard and Anne Bonny!! I did a pirate presentation in 5th grade and have been in love with them since then), the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and everything before, in between, and after. And the pride of Charleston's people when talking about these events.. and their ancestor's direct involvement with them. We had the opportunity to listen to our bed and breakfast owner talk about his home's history as well as give us tips on what to see in the city. He knew the city backwards and forwards, having lived there his entire life, and he was only too happy to share his own Charleston stories. To have that much passion and enthusiasm for your hometown, a place filled with your own personal tales as well as those of history's greats, like Washington and Beauregard and Sherman - your own history crosses paths with your country's history. How wonderful to play a part.

And the accents in Charleston! You don't truly know a Southern accent - and the differences between the accents depending on the area - until you live in the South. And the South Carolina accent is slow, deliberate, and effortlessly refined. I could listen to them talk for weeks.

The conclusion? Visit Charleston. Preferably with lovely family.