date night in nashville and my latest crafting project

(Here is the plaid hair bow I just made! I had some leftover fabric from hemming a wool Pendleton jumper that's in the shop, and I decided to put it to good use.) 

Today, we are in South Carolina! My mom, sisters Rhi and Ash, and I are having a girl's weekend in Charleston, and I can't wait! We hit up Charleston tomorrow.. tonight, we stay with Ash and family.

This will be the first time Neil and I have been apart for longer than a night since we were married last fall.. and we have dreaded the separation a bit. I know it's only a weekend, but I'm so accustomed to seeing him regularly. I miss him when he works for nine hours.. and usually, I'm not even awake for all of those nine hours.

So, due to the weekend away, Neil and I decided to have a date night last night. We went to Urban Outfitters, had dinner and coffee at Fido, and headed to the Belcourt to see It Might Get Loud!

It Might Get Loud is a documentary about how different artists interpret the guitar, starring Jack White, Jimmy Page, and the Edge from U2. I'll be honest, I couldn't care less about U2. But Led Zeppelin and THE WHITE STRIPES.. well. It was fantastic. We bought a 7" vinyl of a song Jack White records in the film, bluesy and rock and real. 

It was all so, so fun and relaxed.. lots of bright lights and old brick and side streets and walking around cool shops and hand holding. The city was beautiful and so many people were out living it up.. and it felt good to make plans for just the two of us. We've never been to the historical Belcourt theatre before! I feel like going there every weekend now - maybe we'll run into a ghost from the silent film days!

What I wore.. 

Patterned top - Urban Outfitters (the tie at the neck is a random black ribbon from one of my dresses)

Striped shorts - Forever21

Cable knit hat - H&M

Black cardigan, black low heels - Thrifted 

(My shorts and tights inspiration I owe to Andrea, Vanessa, and Diane! Those three women wear shorts with tights effortlessly.)

More on our upcoming Charleston vacation very, very soon!