etsy shop update! faux fur and marching band attire.

Fresh shop update today! These items as well as a vintage faux fur collar and yellow 1960's smock dress!

Well, it's Thanksgiving week! Neil and I are taking off for Illinois on Wednesday to stay with his parents for the festivities.. smoked turkey and baked mashed potatoes and a croquembouche made entirely of pumpkin and chocolate doughnut holes. And I know exactly what I'm wearing for the celebration. With all of the puppy distractions this past few days, I completely forgot to mention that I found my dream holiday dress - a 1960's velvet dress with a full skirt and a vivid, vivid red hue. I'm going to make those red winter berry hair combs tonight so I can wear one with the velvet dress. This dress just can't wait til Christmas.. I've got to show it to you now. And by now, I mean in a few days.

Don't forget about the Love, Simone cupcake skirt giveaway - hurry, it ends Wednesday!!