the thanksgiving reds

Photos (and hair, even) by Neil!

Vintage Red Velvet Dress - Fanny's House of Music in Nashville
Sheer Black Polka Dot Tights - H&M
Deadstock Black Rosette Mesh Heels - Flea market (Parlour Vintage's booth)
Holiday Velvet and Berries Hair Comb - Handmade

One holiday down, another soon to come. We had a lovely Thanksgiving, as it was full of the typical components that make the holiday so wonderful - namely, food, family, and napping. Neil's parents live on a farm in southern Illinois, so I was excited for the chance to be in the country and relax outdoors a bit.

And yay for holidays as an excuse to dress up!

Here is the velvet dress I was telling you about.. I found it at Fanny's House of Music during a vintage party dress event they held a couple weeks ago. The dress was exactly what I was looking for - velvet with a full skirt and in a vivid red, and it happened to be budget friendly, too.. only 22 dollars! The best part was the fit - I don't think I've ever had a dress fit so perfectly. I feel like I'm in a fairy tale when I wear it.

I know the dress has got to be from the 1950's or 60's. Guessing from the style, what do you guys think?

The shoes are another favorite purchase of mine. I bought them last month at the flea market at Parlour Vintage's booth.. they're deadstock 80's heels with big rosettes in the front and polka dot mesh around the rosettes. Because they sat tucked away for so long without being worn, the shoe caps broke apart when I wore them, so I've been waiting to find a shoe repair shop to get them fixed. Well, I haven't gotten around to fixing them yet, and I couldn't wait any longer to wear them. They're so feminine and beautiful - the curve at the heel and the pointy toe remind me of a shoe Marie Antoinette would have worn - something in an Aubrey Beardsley drawing. And the dotted mesh matches my polka dot tights!

Time to get a shop update ready.. it seems all I've been into lately is velvet, so when I'm thrifting, that's what always grabs me. So expect some velvet in next week's shop batch!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, whether you're watching amazing films or watching a ferocious puppy. I'm hoping to do both.