a handmade ruffle skirt, stamping fun, and a vintage camera collection

Photo by Rhi!

Black Velvet, Blue Lace Ruffle Skirt - handmade
Over the Knee Black Suede Boots - Kimchi Blue, Urban Outfitters
Black Velvet Bodysuit - Forever21

Here is the ruffle skirt I finished! I'm also wearing two items that I'll be featuring in another outfit post soon - a black velvet long sleeved bodysuit and over the knee suede boots.

And here is my growing camera collection, plus a couple that I received as presents this year!

The two new additions from Christmas are the Argus cameras. I also have a Minolta Autopak that I've misplaced, but once I find it, I'll have a seventh camera for my collection.

Do you guys have any good display ideas for cameras? I'm thinking of asking Neil to make a shelf for them, something like this, to hang above my desk in our office. Also, it would actually be nice to learn how to use the cameras.. The Brownie Starflex still has film in it.

Another present I wanted to share with you guys is this stamp I received from Rhi's boyfriend Drew (he's the one that designed my banner in the first place)! I was so excited to start using it that I bought the ink the first chance I had. I'll be using it for my store's tags from now on, and maybe on packages I send out.

It's New Years Eve! To be honest, we're leaving in a bit over an hour and I'm still not 100% sure of what I'm wearing. I'm also in the middle of a 2010 Resolution List. I've never actually worked on one before. I know it has to be a list without any don'ts for the year.. I want to work on things I'd like to be doing rather than correcting bad habits I've already collected, like drinking way too much coffee or having an affinity for McDonald's. Also, 2009 was a productive, growing year for me. I want 2010 to be the same.

Old Crow Medicine Show concert at the Ryman tonight, and barbecue beforehand! I can't wait for the evening to start. Happy New Year, everyone!