walking little muppet and a weekend on the town


Photos by Neil!

Black Velvet Bodysuit - Forever21
Cut off Green High Waist Shorts - thrifted
Polka Dot Tights - H&M (gift from Rhi)
Russian Fur Pillbox Hat - Target (gift from parents)
Black Suede Over the Knee Boots - Urban Outfitters (gift from Neil)
Rose Cameo Necklace - Small town fair (gift from a friend)

This weekend, Neil, Duckie, Bloom, and I went out on the town to spend some money and be festive. We saw Sherlock Holmes, ate at PM, shopped with friends, drank buckets of coffee, and even did a little dog walking.


We hit up Venus and Mars and Local Honey in search of vintage leather boots for Neil and found great dark brown ankle-high ones with some Western detailing on the top. I found a red and white striped shirt at Forever21 with awesome puffy sleeves and a heart locket necklace. I also found a pair of high waisted navy shorts that I've got on hold (they were on the mannequin when we visited, and now I get to pick them up!), as well as a cute lace blouse from Local Honey that looks like it belongs in a square dancing uniform. In a good way, of course.


By the way. I call Bloom Muppet sometimes because her funny little straight-lined mouth reminds me of a puppet.. we haven't renamed her or anything. She is the cutest Muppet I've ever seen, the Cookie Monster being second.

Neil and I also made a stop at a record store in town and picked up Modest Mouse's latest EP on vinyl as well as some old school blues (Fred McDowell.. you guys know him?). We've got a junky record player from Goodwill that makes me happy inside when it plays.

I bought Langhorne Slim's latest CD, too.

After the weekend festivities, a couple of us were pretty beat.


We saw Avatar in IMAX last night.. what an awesome film! The plot was pretty worn out (if you've seen Dances With Wolves, Pocahontas, The Last of the Mohicans, or Fern Gully, you basically know what happens), but honestly, a solid storyline is not why you see a film like Avatar. It's the action and the incredible technology that makes the experience so worth it. And man alive, I wouldn't mind being a blue alien if it means I can fly a four winged lizard thing.

PS.. Remember how one of my New Years resolutions includes sewing a dress from scratch? Well, I chose the right time to make such a promise - Built By Wendy is releasing The Sew U Guide to Making a Girl's Best Frock in February! 25 variations on different dress silhouettes. Now I have no excuse not to make a dress this year.

As for the other resolutions.. I'm going to do my absolute best, with or without the help of a cool book by a really cool designer.