a liberty print romper.. bringing spring to winter.

liberty print
liberty print
liberty print

Photos by Neil!

Liberty Print Romper, Ruffle Socks - Forever21
Denim Hair Bows, Black Lace Up Heels - H&M
Black Cardigan - Thrifted

A new romper for the spring and summer! The liberty print pattern is my favorite.. it has a vintage feel.

This weekend is off to a wonderful start. We had a Goodwill run yesterday morning with successful results. My friend Lauren and I hit up Frothy Monkey for coffee and the Local Honey sale for vintage last night and I found a great pair of striped denim overalls for spring. Afterwards, I watched Twelve Monkeys with some friends. This morning, Neil (who has today off!) and I slept in. Late.

And I had a surprise package in the mail last night.. remember this lace trimmed marching band dress? Well, I sent it out to a lovely girl in London last November, and it never reached her. Instead, for some odd reason, the post decided to send it back to me.. and I just got it. So, it's going back up in the shop! The girl who bought it before is in the middle of a move so she's unable to buy it again, which means I've got a dilemma.. do I keep it now that it's back in my possession, or do I list it in the shop? Oh man alive I'll probably just relist it.

Rhiannon and her boyfriend Drew are here today! In about ten minutes, we're going to meet them and my parents and head to the Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's old home. And it is a ridiculously beautiful day out, so I'm excited to be outdoors.

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Happy weekend!

liberty print
liberty printliberty print