blogger meet up.. meeting aya of strawberry koi!


Photos by Thom!

On Aya..
1940's Junior's Plaid Dress
Tan Lace Up Oxfords from the Cactus Flower
Blue Cardigan from Target

On me..
Vintage Liberty Print Dress from The Cat's Pajamas Vintage
Gold Heart Locket from Forever21
Black Lace Up Heels from H&M

So, here is that secret meet up I've been alluding to.. last week, I had the chance to meet lovely Aya of Strawberry Koi and her husband, Thomas!

Man alive, were they sweet! We had a fantastic time. You would think blogger meet ups would be awkward and nerve wracking, but nerves wear away within minutes and then you find yourself in conversation with seriously interesting, seriously passionate people. Getting to know Aya and Thom was a blast.. the story of how they met, where they were before, and what dreams they're pursuing now was all a bit inspirational. There is nothing more motivating than meeting people who are pursuing what they love.

We went to Frothy Monkey for coffee and Local Honey for some quick vintage shopping. Then, we walked back to finish our coffee and to talk about everything - from SLR cameras to Anna Karenina. By the time we were done, we had nearly missed out on any good light for picture taking, but luckily, we snuck some photos in before the sun set.


And I apologize for the tangled 80's mess that is my hair.. it was a bit humid out that night. Big hair can be fun AND stupid.

I'm going to the monthly Tennessee Flea Market with my friends Colleen and Lauren tomorrow.. I can't wait! All of this sewing study has given me sewing cravings, so I'll be on the lookout for more vintage patterns to try out - namely, dresses with full skirts (there's a wedding coming up in April that I'd love to make a new dress for) and bloomers (a strange new trend that I'm tempted to try out). I'm so excited to dig through boxes of old patterns and actually understand some of what I'm reading.

Sewing Saturday post tomorrow!