etsy shop update! paisley, liberty print, and lace

1960s seafoam green LACE bow blouse

vintage LIBERTY PRINT puff sleeve dress

vintage high waisted CHAMBRAY shorts

1970s CABLE KNIT spring cardigan

1960's PAISLEY mini dress

Shop update! These as well as a vintage floral tea dress and a forest green sheer lace top.

This week is looking really positive. Besides the weather being wonderful, I'm in the middle of great projects, on the threshold of a few more, Easter is coming up, and Neil and I are heading out to pick up a new addition to our family on Wednesday. And I made two fun online purchases tonight that I'm really excited about.. a photo light kit for the shop and a great vintage sewing pattern that I'll be showing you all as soon as I get it in the mail. What are you guys excited about this week?

Happy Monday!