flea market finds.. old man glasses and lace


Lauren and I hit up the flea market last weekend, and this is what I found! Lace, a pre-loved Raggedy Ann chalkboard (for three dollars!), a vintage Dooney and Burke leather bag, vintage man glasses, and a miniature stamp.


Now, the Dooney and Bourke purse is not for me. It'll be in the shop next week. But it is lovely! And I've wanted a pair of thick rimmed glasses ever since my sister wore them sometime in the past. Oh, men's glasses! They remind me of my grandpa Edward.


Stashed away in a pile of things was this little family stamp. It's so perfectly detailed, so I started thinking up ways to add it to my shop tags.


You always meet interesting people at the flea market. I had the chance to talk to a man who had a booth of 1930's and 40's pieces, from old sunglasses to WWII bomber jackets. He actually supplies films with a lot of vintage wardrobes, the latest being Public Enemies. Another man I met puts together estate sales around Nashville that Karen Elson frequents, and he told me about his next one in March! Oh, to shop where Karen Elson shops.. and actually be able to afford things.

Peanut butter, jelly, and Bioshock 2 time.