juliette hogan winter 2010 collection


Have you guys seen this designer before? Juliette Hogan is something else. Her outfits are whimsical yet classic, with a self-described sensitivity to "simplicity of form" while being subtly streetwise. And very, very feminine. In other words, I'd like to be her in about five years.

navy tiers
coral cape

I know this is a fall/winter collection and some of the pieces are well suited for cold weather wear (see scarves and capes), but the collection inspired me a lot and I had to share it. Not to mention, not all of these pieces are strictly winter-friendly. The mini dresses and light capes are perfect for the chilly spring weather we've been having in Nashville lately. I'm now on the hunt for a cappuccino hued dress look-a-like, which has got to be my favorite. That and the coral cape.

gray dress

See the entire collection here.

I bought a 50's style seersucker top the other day and had to hit up Goodwill for some white denim trousers to go with it. I found the trousers, did some fast altering, and I'll be taking some blog photos tomorrow night! I can't wait to properly debut my Madewell sandals, too.

Happy beginning of the week!