etsy shop update! picnic friendly.. straw hats and seersucker dresses

vintage chambray floral dress

1960's mod medallion romper

vintage yellow bow straw hat

1960's lace bow chemise

Etsy update! These items as well as a peter pan collar seersucker dress and an airy, romantic white lace blouse.

Well, thankfully we came home to Nashville yesterday without any major problems. Our house is on a hill, so everything was safe and dry and just as we left it. The same can't be said of most of Nashville, so we feel really blessed. Some people are still stranded in hotels or busy repairing basements or businesses, which makes me want to investigate what I can do to help. If any of you are interested in helping out, whether you're around the area or not, check out Hands on Nashville, a volunteer group that's doing a lot of good around the city.

Hope you are all safe and dry!