sewing saturday.. completing a floral romper

sewing saturday. a handmade romper!

I've finished my favorite sewing project to date!

Last week, I finished cutting and marking the pattern pieces. This week, I put all the pieces together.


I began by sewing ten darts into the body, then trimming, pressing, and/or pinking them into place.


I then sewed the two bodice pieces together in the front and halfway up the back. The pattern called for a 22 inch zipper, so I sewed one in. I finished the bodice off by sewing the leg inseams and shoulder seams together.


Facing. After sewing two shoulder facing pieces to the front facing, I stitched 1/4 inch from the unmarked edge on both the front facing and armhole facing. Once that was finished, I pressed the facing inwards at the stitching and sewed it again. I then attached the armhole facing pieces to themselves to make a circle.


Then, I attached the facing pieces to the bodice. The neckline has a keyhole cutout look, which I liked. The pattern also suggested adding a button and loop at the top of the cutout, which I didn't like. When I attached the front facing, I followed the pattern's stitching lines at the keyhole, then trimmed the excess fabric, pressed the facings inward (after doing a quick understitch on the facing pieces right above the original seam). I was amazed at how easy the neckline was to create.


The final step was adding a casing to the hem of the shorts and slipping the elastic in. I pressed the edge of the shorts 1/4 inch underneath, then pressed it again, about half an inch (wide enough so the elastic would fit inside). I stitched at the very bottom of the hem and at the top of the casing, leaving room for the elastic to slip through. Then, I inched the elastic into the casing. If you're impatient like me, a quick way to get the elastic through quickly is to cut little holes in the back of the casing (not through the front - you don't want the holes to be visible when worn!) and pulling the elastic through the holes to speed up the process.

Here it is!

sewing saturday. a handmade romper!
sewing saturday. a handmade romper!

I'm really happy with the outcome - I just tried it on and it fits perfectly. I think I'll be using this pattern again and again to make variations, maybe use it to learn how to make patterns smaller and larger, and I want to make a gingham romper with it. Maybe with a peter pan collar instead of the keyhole cutout?

I'll be wearing the romper to a Mother's Day celebration tomorrow, so I'll post photos!

I've been really sewing obsessed lately.. which is fun. But after awhile, I like to find inspiration in other places. Do you guys have any suggestions on a good film to watch or article to read or blog to stalk? I'm getting antsy for new ideas.