etsy shop update.. polka dot dresses and floral rompers.

vintage red polka dot dress
vintage yellow straw hat
vintage cotton cut out back dress
vintage navy floral romper

Etsy update.. the navy polka dot dress with cut out back is up in the shop, as well as the floral romper. The red polka dot dress and straw hat will be up in the shop later this week, as well as a 90's nautical red and white striped top!

I feel guilty about my lack of posting this weekend! Sorry for the missing Sewing Saturday post. I started two projects and didn't get a chance to finish either because of this weekend's craziness. Neil's parents came down to Nashville to celebrate his birthday on Sunday, and on Saturday I had a chance to meet with a lovely blogger and spend a lot of time with her and her husband, as well as a surprise visit from some of our college friends Saturday night.

I'll be posting photos of the lovely blog visit tonight!