etsy update.. tea party florals and lace.

1960's white lace dress with bow
vintage tea party floral dress
vintage black lace top
vintage light denim dress

New to the shop.. 1960's white lace cocktail dress and 1990's tea party floral dress with lace collar. I'll be adding the denim dress and black lace blouse soon!

I'll also be posting a belated Sewing Saturday later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Our internet decided to crap out on us yesterday, which meant I couldn't show you guys my sewing progress. I've been working on a corduroy ruffled bib with suspenders that attaches to a pair of matching shorts. Photos soon!

Another big thing this week is my blogging anniversary. As of Wednesday, this blog will have turned 1 year old! It's exciting and a bit intimidating to think about.. and I may have bought a vintage dress for the occasion.

Happy Monday!