etsy update! sheer dresses, summer polka dots, and eyelet lace.

1950's white eyelet lace summer dress
vintage drop waist polka dot dress
handmade blue roses hair barrette
vintage sheer polka dot dress
vintage eyelet lace ruffle skirt

Shop update! The 1950's White Eyelet Lace Summer Dress and the Vintage Blue Polka Dot Drop Waist Dress have been added to the shop this evening. The ruffle eyelet lace skirt and deadstock sheer polka dot dress in black and white will be added later on, as well as the blue roses hair barrette.

I'm excited for a day off tomorrow. I'll be going out for lunch at Burger Up with my dad, then heading to East Nashville to do some thrift shopping with Quincy! Burgers, thrift stores, and cool people. Do you guys have any fun middle of the week plans?