sewing saturday! a 1950's red gingham crop top

sewing saturday! making a crop top

Well, we're home. After nearly a week of hanging out with my family, we drove back to Nashville to do some work and celebrate the 4th of July downtown. I had a fantastic time with everyone and took plenty of sister photos at the winery and the plantation home we visited and even in the city, so I'll post them later this week!

Now, for my favorite Sewing Saturday yet.. a 1950's red gingham crop top with puff sleeves and rick rack. I found the pattern through Etsy and immediately fell for the bloomers as well as the blouse. First, I wanted to make the ruffled top, but found that I didn't have quite enough fabric. Another time? I'm happy with the choice I made, though, because its square dance-y cuteness is plenty without a ruffle and lace attached.

Pictured above are the supplies I used.. fabric (around one yard), rick rack, measuring tape, a marking pen, good scissors, pinking shears, thread, a sewing machine, elastic, and lace if you're sewing the ruffle top variation. And, of course, the sewing pattern.

First step - picking out the fabric. I chose the oversized red gingham, which was originally a tablecloth with rick rack attached that I found at an antique mall with my mom. I pinned the pattern pieces (front and back pieces on the fold) and cut them out, and marked them.


I sewed the sleeve piece ends to the front and back pieces, connecting them all together. I cut the inside seams with pinking shears and pressed them flat.


Rick rack! I used medium sized rick rack and only sewed one row of trim on, rather than the two the pattern suggested. I pinned the rick rack trim to the top at 3 inches below the unfinished neckline. Then I sewed it on, being careful to remove the pins as I sewed.


After sewing the rick rack trim, it was time to sew the sides and armpits (a very technical sewing term) together. I then worked on elastic casings, forming casings at the neck, waist, and sleeve openings by pressing 1/4 inch down, then folding it over 5/8 and pressing it again. I sewed the top and bottom of the casings, leaving a spot to slip the elastic in. I cut the elastic pieces, measuring my waist, shoulders, and upper arms and cutting elastic to match (adding a little extra). Then I attached a safety pin to the end of the elastic, pulled them through, sewed the elastic together, and sewed the casing shut!


All done! Here it is, in its country style Nashville downtown eating a hot dog glory. I wore it to the 4th of July festivities with my Madewell sandals and American Apparel high waist chambray trousers.

a handmade gingham crop top
a handmade gingham crop top
a handmade gingham crop top
a nashville hot dog

2 dollar hot dog, yo. I bargained my way into a half price hot dog due to lack of funds. Thank the Lord for green peppers and onions.

I hope you had a good 4th of July weekend! Now that I've finally got time to relax, I'm ready to eat mac and cheese and watch Hitchcock movies. I've got to update the shop today, though.. which comes first. I'll have some lovely items up soon!