southern plantations, tennessee wineries, and honky tonk downtowns. a nashville visit with my family


I told you guys recently about last weekend, when my whole family came down to celebrate my parent's 30th and explore Tennessee. We hung out at old plantation homes, pretty wineries tucked away in Tennessee farmland, ate salt and pepper chocolate, and even did a Nashville downtown walk with my sister Rhi and Drew.

Here are some more photos from the trip, my absolute favorites.


Rhi posted lovely photos of the visit, check out winery photos here and downtown goodness here! It's incredible what Drew can do with his new camera.

This weekend is another family visit, but this time with my in laws! We're in Florida celebrating a wedding of one of Neil's sister's childhood friends. They had a pretty ceremony on the beach, really simple and intimate, and today we'll be swimming and indulging in some touristy, cheesy fun like bumper boats and mini golf. Last night, Neil and I snuck out late to take a beach walk, and I couldn't tell where the water ended and the sky began. The ocean is intimidating at night!

We head home tomorrow through Alabama, where we pass a record number of run-down flea markets that I would give my left arm to visit. And if you like hot boiled peanuts, Alabama has them - about five peanut stands per mile. I'm hoping to take photos of it all. While I really love corny tourist traps (I REALLY do.. where else can you find so much fried food?), there is a lot of charm in the old southern houses and junk-piled antique shops Alabama has, and it fits me better.

Hope your weekends have been fun! Last, but not least - today is the last day to take advantage of the buy one, get one free sale at the shop!