sewing saturday! making a floral hair wreath

handmade floral hair wreath

Well, I have to be honest. I've been in a stubborn sewing rut lately. I don't have a very good excuse for it, I just got a little tired of sewing a week or two back. Next week I'll definitely finish up the striped overalls and my sewing rut will pass.. but for now, I want to work on a project that I feel inspired to do.

So, this week involves no sewing.. I'm making floral hair wreaths out of wire, floral tape, and silk flowers!

I've seen my beautiful sister, Laëtitia of Mademoiselle Robot, and Louise (and friends Alix and Lila) of Pandora all wear their hair wreaths so effortlessly that I've been tempted to make my own ever since catching them on their blogs. And I happen to have a dress that really calls for something like this, so it was about time that I made one of my own.


What you'll need for the project? Silk flowers, floral wire, floral tape, scissors for cutting the flowers, and wire cutters. The floral wire I found has a built-in wire cutter, which is super convenient.


To begin, I cut three pieces of wire the same length, then wound them together to form a circle. Try on your wire wreath as you're making it - you want a loose fit, because the flowers and tape will take up some room.

Then, I wrapped one layer of floral tape tightly around the wire.


Now for the fun part! I cut out the flower and leaf bits that I wanted to add to the wreath. Then, I used the floral tape to secure the flowers onto the wreath!

I found my favorite way to attach the flowers and leaves was to add the leaves to the entire crown, then add the flowers. Also, mix up the way you attach the flowers - have some blooms sticking out, other blooms wrapped tightly to the wreath. But always make sure the tape is tight, you don't want flowers falling out.

handmade floral hair wreath
handmade floral hair wreath
handmade floral hair wreath

That's all there is to it! It's a fun, inexpensive, and pretty quick project to do. I'm already in the middle of two other wreaths.. I guess I got carried away. I've been dreaming up ways to wear them in the fall.

Well, I think sharing my thrifted finds has become one of my favorite things about blogging. This week, I found some incredible shoes with wooden heels.. including my first pair of thrifted clogs! Since they were all around the same size, I think they had belonged to the same fashionable lady that had worn them (or had not worn them.. they're in awesome condition) in the 70's.

vintage clogs
vintage clogs

Strangely enough, I found another pair of clogs in my closet when Neil and I went to visit my parents this weekend - an old pair with a wooden wedge, reddish brown leather, and studs on the sides. They had originally belonged to my sister Ashley before she forgot about them and I stole them, probably to dress up Camelot style in this red and gold peasant dress I used to have. I had a big obsession with the Medieval times when I was about 11. Well, thankfully my feet haven't grown any, because now I want to wear the clogs again.

Hope you all are having a good weekend! Any fun projects you've completed lately?