sewing saturday.. part one: striped overalls, and romantic thrifting finds

thrifted finds.. 1990s polka dot blouse
thrifted finds.. 1990s double denim overalls

Sewing Saturday! This weekend, I started a pair of navy and white striped cotton overalls. But before beginning, I wanted to share these thrifted finds with you all.

thrifted finds.. 1940s scalloped peach gown
thrifted finds.. camera case
thrifted finds.. yellow rose afghan
thrifted finds.. 1990s lace onesie
thrifted finds.. 1970s heritage crop top

I've never found as much goodness in antique malls and thrift stores as I have in the past month or so, and of course my sewing room is stuffed to prove it. The little brown bag was originally a binocular case that I'm now using as my camera case and the 1990s white polka dot blouse is magic (and the double denim overalls too!), but my favorite recent find is the peach gown. It's a 1940s silk dress with floral embroidery and a scalloped hem. I found it while shopping with Quincy last week at Goodwill.. have I ever found a 1940s dress at Goodwill? I really don't think so.

The yellow rose afghan is sitting on our couch as I write this.. Crochet afghans remind me of my grandma and her comfy recliner she always sits in.

sewing saturday! striped cotton overalls

Alright, no more thrift store talk. The pattern I'm using for this Sewing Saturday project is a simple overalls pattern from the 1970's with alphabet embroidery transfers (super fun.. but not my style). I decided to make the shorts variation.

What you'll need? One and a half yards of fabric as well as the usual supplies - matching thread, a sewing machine, sharp scissors, pinking shears (optional), an iron, pins, a marking pen, and a large, flat working surface. Special items include a 30 centimeter zipper and two overall buckles with two matching buttons.


I had to choose between three kinds of fabric.. the toughest choice for me was deciding between the navy and white striped fabric and a vintage patchwork style fabric. The patchwork fabric has a stiff feeling to it, which is perfect for overalls, but I went with the cotton stripes just because I know I'll wear stripes more often. I also have dreams of making a fall dress with the patchwork fabric, or at least a high waisted full skirt.

The striped fabric is actually a flat twin sheet. I love reusing old sheets.. you can always find them at Goodwill and most of the time, they're super cheap and have fun patterns like 60's style flowers and stripes.

The pattern was cut by a previous owner at the lengthen/shorten lines, so I had to tape the leg pieces back together and cut to the shorts line.


I ironed the fabric flat as well as the creased pattern pieces (gently!). Once I pressed the pattern pieces and the fabric, I laid the pieces out to match the straight edges, pinned them, and cut them out. Then, I marked the seam allowances and darts, using pattern pieces as reference.

Next week, I'll start the actual sewing steps and finish up the overalls. And tonight, I'm working on floral hair wreaths! Happy Sunday!