sewing saturday! striped overalls, part two.


Thankfully, I'm out of my sewing rut! Today, I made some progress on the striped overalls I started a couple of weeks ago.

First thing, I made the shoulder straps. I folded them right sides together, ironed them, and sewed on one end and one side, 5/8 inch from the edges. Once I had done that, I turned them right side out, pressed them, and topstitched on both edges.


Once the shoulder straps were done, I started on the front. I stitched the top two front pieces at their seam allowances on the very top, then sewed bust darts on both sides. Once the darts were finished, I sewed the two front pieces together in the center, making sure to stitch over the first stitching to prevent stretch. I then ironed the seams open on the inside, as well as ironed the darts downward.


The front pocket! This, I did a little different than the sewing directions told me to. The directions say to top stitch along 1/4 inch, then press the seam allowance to the inside and stitch it again. I simply pressed the seam allowances inwards along with the top of the pocket (about 1 1/2 inches, turning in 1/4 inch inside) and stitched the sides and bottom of the top of the pocket opening close to the edges. I think it worked well.. we'll see, maybe?

After the pocket was finished, I pinned it to its designated position on the front.


I then sewed the pocket to the bodice, cautiously taking out the pins before the needle was close.. and there it is!


Now, I have to sew the back of the overalls, attach the facing to the bodice, and put all of the pieces together. I love how simple of a project this has been.. it makes me want to buy some floral denim and make overalls all over again.

For next week's Sewing Saturday, I'll be finishing one of two projects.. I'll either have a completed pair of overalls to show you all, or I'll share the process of reworking this vintage lace dress, below.


This pretty lace dress was given to me by a friend who sells vintage. The dress was in poor condition, so she thought I might be able to salvage it somehow and make it wearable again. I sincerely hope I can make something out of it, because the structure of the bodice is lovely and the forest green shade of lace is unlike anything I own or see very often, for that matter. The lining underneath has a nice greenish gray shine to it, too. While the lace shoulders and sleeves are beyond repair, the bodice and skirt are intact and could make a beautiful strapless dress or maybe even a blouse. Neil and I have a wedding to go to this upcoming weekend.. I'm hoping to reconstruct the dress in time to wear it to the occasion.

Shop update tomorrow! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.