closet case vintage velvet and my favorite fall 2010 collection


Some new additions to Closet Case Vintage! Little girl jumpers and autumn overalls - including some vintage velvet gems, like the lace and red velvet maxi as well as the emerald green velvet dress.

My favorite? By far the 1950s peter pan collar dress, found here. Visit Carmen's lovely Etsy shop or the 12th South Closet Case Vintage location for more!

best dress

Well you guys, I've found my favorite fall 2010 collection.. the one where I would wear absolutely every piece.. TBA's fall/winter 2010. Velvet dresses and pom pom tops and jacquard high waisted trousers, and the prettiest shade of forest green I've ever seen. Mademoiselle Robot introduced me to this lovely collection and when I read a recent interview my sister had with the designer Binbin McNiven, I knew I had to post collection photos.

tan and black
green velvet
best coat

Princess coats, peter pan collars, and pleats. And even that navy wool and velvet swing dress that I know would look painfully bad on me but I'm still tempted to spend over 200 dollars on (something I've never done before.. except maybe on my wedding dress, but that's sort of a special occasion).

Something about TBA is very ethereal and otherworldly. The location of the photos fits into an old world theme and the photos themselves make the (not short) model look short and fairylike to me, probably because of the downwards angle. I don't know why but it's kind of refreshing to see this take on lookbook photography.. they're polished and professional but not Vogue-glitzy.

We're out of groceries so for lunch today, I had the choice between crackers and cheddar cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, or strawberry milk. I chose the strawberry milk and maybe I'll have some chicken nuggets for dessert. This is what happens when you move away from your parents and don't really grow up.

PS, friends.. today's the last day to take advantage of my 50% off sale!