interior inspiration: white spaces

hannah living room

photo courtesy of hannah metz, flickr

With all of the painting and decorating Neil and I have been doing in our new place, I've needed a ton of inspiration. After looking through source after source, white spaces have really grown on me. Maybe it's the blank canvas effect.. white walls allow you to have complete control over the look you want your decor to have, and the versatility to switch it up when the look has run its course.

selby red couch
selby glass
selby white kitchen
selby owlselby jewelry
selby chandelierselby ornate
decor 8 white fireplace
selby bookends
selby gold frames
selby minimalist kitchenselby mona lisa
selby hunters
decor 8 white

all photos courtesy of the selby and decor 8.

I always thought that crown molding and cool architectural detail would get lost with all white walls, but now I think it just enhances the detail.

I apologize for my lack of posting lately. I've got a ton of outfit posts planned for the near future, as well as a birthday trip to Atlanta coming soon - I turn 25 on Thursday! And tomorrow, I'm going to share the beginnings of my birthday dress, which I've decided to make myself this year! More soon.

Happy weekend!