samantha pleet spring/summer 2011


Today was not the greatest day for me. I finally caught a cold I've been fighting, had super bad period cramps, broke my camera tripod as I was trying to take shop photos, and accidentally dropped my eyeliner down the bathroom sink. And a plumbing pipe broke, spilling all of our bath water onto the basement floor. All of this and I still haven't been able to do any serious unpacking. Yuck.

Fortunately, the day got better. Neil came home and we picked up some Thai takeout and a movie, I ordered some birthday shoes(!), and Rhi sent me a link to this lovely collection. Not to mention, sometimes it takes a crappy day to realize all of the awesomeness in your life.. we may have a mess on our hands and a million bags and boxes to unpack, but we have a perfect new place and everything we need - especially for being a couple of broke young kids.

But back to the photos! Samantha Pleet's Spring/Summer 2011 collection has little floral dresses, polka dots, pretty white blouses, and the best shade of brown I've ever seen in adorable high waisted shorts. The swimsuit, bow dress, and the little flat oxfords are my absolute favorites.

Photos courtesy of Dossier.. more photos here.

the best
brown pants
white top
green dress
white blouse
polka dot oxfords

A (belated) shop update tomorrow!