out thrifting. flannel plaid, high waisted denim, suede clogs

out thrifting. flannel plaid and high waisted denim

Photos by Neil!

Preppy Flannel Plaid Blouse - Thrifted
High Waisted Denim Jeans - Vintage (bought at Fanny's Sale from a friend's booth)
Studded Black Suede Clogs - Urban Outfitters
Vintage Leather Satchel - Thrifted gift from Quincy

This past weekend, Neil and I shared a day off.. we ran errands, did a little thrifting, and spent the evening out together (Italian food and a movie! The Social Network.. have you guys seen it yet? it rocks). This is what I wore for the day!

out thrifting. flannel plaid and high waisted denim
out thrifting. flannel plaid and high waisted denimout thrifting. new suede clogs!
out thrifting. new suede clogs!

I bought the high waisted jeans from my friend Pierette's booth at the Fanny's Sale over a week ago. High waisted denim is something I've wanted for awhile.. I'm not a jeans person (I have one other pair besides these, and I never wear them), but I can definitely get into them if they're shaped like cigarette pants with a high waistline. I'm planning on pulling an Alexa Chung with double denim and wearing a light chambray button up with them sometime. I just bought a blouse at Music City thrift for it.

The other recent purchase of mine are these Ecote suede studded clogs. Remember those suede mary jane platforms I bought for my birthday? Well, after putting them on that day, I realized they were a little too big to keep - which really sucked, because I had bought the smallest size they offered and I absolutely loved them. So I returned them and bought these clogs instead.. which were less than half the cost of the mary janes! I really recommend buying them. They're pretty uncomfortable but that may go without saying.

My sister once told me that a good way to keep an all-vintage outfit grounded (ha, literally) in the present is by pairing it with a pair of new, modern shoes (I'm a fan of entirely era-specific looks on other people, but they're not for me. I have more fun mixing decades up and making them my own). While clogs definitely get their inspiration from the past, these seemed kind of fresh to me - maybe because of the shape of the platform heel? I don't know. At any rate, I feel much more comfortable with the idea of wearing a full skirted 1950s dress when I have black tights and these shoes to put with it. Also, these shoes bring a bit of masculinity to my wardrobe. No kitten heels for me, please.

I have some very important decisions ahead of me.. like what to wear for Halloween this year. You guys have any good ideas? I'm thinking about Coco Chanel, Loretta Lynn, or the guy from An American Werewolf in London.