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Tuft Design is an adorable recent collection created by a local designer here in Nashville. Some of my favorite things are in this collection - a black and white polka dotted swing coat, high waisted denim shorts, a beige-y white striped jersey dress with a bit of a gathered skirt. There's even a little sleeveless spotted chiffon top that I would kill to pair with my high waisted velvet shorts. And pleated trousers (!) and a butterfly printed dress with the prettiest skirt imaginable.

And the cool part? The designer is a friend of mine! Jessica is a coworker at American Apparel, where she does merchandising and dresses all of our mannequins in really lovely color and fabric combinations (I love the aesthetic of our store - and I'm of course biased, but I really think it's one of the best because of the style of the great people I work with). And after checking out some recent sketches on her website, I can't wait to see what Jessica comes up with in her next collection.

Be sure to check out Tuft Design's Etsy shop and blog!

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tiered skirtpolka dots birds eye

Shop update coming tonight!