an anniversary dress



Photos by Neil!

Vintage Swiss Dot Dress - Anna at Pre to Post Modern
Super Opaque Tights - American Apparel
Brown Leather Belt - Thrifted
Studded Suede Clogs - Urban Outfitters

Yesterday, Neil and I celebrated our wedding anniversary! I cut my Halloween dress short for the occasion.

Being married for two years is a funny feeling.. in one sense, it feels as though we were married yesterday and in another, I feel like I've known Neil for decades. I am so blessed to have such a loving man, insanely blessed to be with someone that knows how to love and live so authentically and without any reservations. One of the first things that attracted me to Neil was his inability to be anyone else but himself - a trait I hadn't found in other boyfriends - and he is still the wonderful same. Last night, after we had done all of our celebrating, we pulled our mattress into the living room and fell asleep watching movies together.. man alive. One of the best parts of life is sharing absolutely everything with another person, and knowing that they'll love you not just despite everything, but because of everything.



I wish you all the same happiness and more in your relationships - you deserve the best.

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