hemingway house


Photos by Neil and I!

Floral Maxi Dress, Straw Hat, Leather Belt, Two Tone Navy Satchel - Thrifted
White Floral Hair Wreath - Handmade
Wood Sunset Sandals - Madewell

By far my favorite stop on our cruise was Key West, in the Florida Keys. There, Neil and I toured Hemingway's house then met up with the rest of my family to eat seafood and key lime pie outside. And Hemingway's home was lovely.. filled with different shades of green, wrought iron rails, and six-toed cats. Photos and trophies from his travels to Cuba and Spain and everywhere in between lined the walls, and his stories were everywhere. What a full life he led.

On our way back to the ship, Neil and I found a beautiful old home with white porches and mint green walls. We walked in to find a little bar that served microbrews, so we drank barley wine on the front porch.


You'll have to forgive my lack of words.. I'm not feeling the best tonight - this sickness has gotten the best of me. So now, I'm going to lay down on the couch and fall asleep watching cheesy Jane Austen movies. Hope you all had a great weekend!