oh! you pretty things


This cold weather has finally gotten to me. Not that I have any right to complain.. it's actually really pretty out today. But our chilly house has helped me catch a cold, and this cold has made me long for warmer weather.

So when I came to work at Closet Case today, I was thankful for the heat (not to mention, I sit with the sun on my back and it feels wonderful right now). All of this warm weather longing got me in the mood to take photos of the lightest, softest knits and silks in the shop - airy Victorian dresses and robin's egg bows.. as well as this favorite piece of mine, an exquisitely knitted 1930s capelet in ivory with blue trim.


All scarves and clothing at Closet Case Vintage, on 12th South in Nashville.

Anyone see Harry Potter 7 yet? Our showing last night ended around 3am and I lost my voice by the end. It was glorious.