sewing saturday! wool cape plaid lining and upper collar


Sewing Saturday! Last week, I assembled the outer shell of the cape. This week, I put together the plaid wool lining and eventually attached the lining to the outer layer.

The lining assembly roughly followed the same steps as the outer shell with a few variations. First, I added the darts - mark, sew, clip with pinking shears, and press.


I stitched along the arm opening, like before with the outer shell. Instead of adding welts, however, all I had to do with these arm openings was cut through the middle of the opening and with diagonal slants towards each corner. I then pressed the arm hole open towards the inside.


I put together the two cape back pieces, then attached the two front pieces to either side of the back. When sewing the back pieces, I left an opening in the seam large enough to pull the cape through later on (after I attached the lining to the outer shell).


The interfaced under collar had been attached to the outer shell - and reversely, I attached the upper collar (no interfacing) to the plaid lining at the neck, right sides together.


Once the lining had been completed, I sewed the outer shell to the plaid lining, right sides together, at the seam allowances on the outer edges.. and that's all for this week!


Now that the pieces have been put together, all that is left is top stitching the edges, slip stitching the hole in the lining back and the lining armholes to the outer layer armholes, and adding the tab and button hole. I'm planning on finishing these steps tomorrow night or the next day, so expect a finished product this week sometime (I can't wait til Christmas to finish it! not this week).

Hope you all had a great weekend!