new year, new resolutions


Photos by Neil!

Black Velvet Dress, Leather Belt, Lace Up Oxford Platforms - Thrifted
Super Opaque Tights - American Apparel

Happy New Year! Neil and I threw a party last night that turned out wonderful and it went by in such a blur that I forgot to take pictures.. so I'm sharing my Christmas dress (worn with my wool cape) with you instead. A little belated, but befitting a New Years Day post nonetheless.

And it's resolution time.

1. Learn the fine art of Photoshop. I've figured out a couple concepts in the last month, but I want to build bridges with this program. I want to create business cards and advertisements and logos and novels.. maybe not novels, but definitely everything else.
Cut out the multitasking. I'm obsessed with watching a movie or listening to an audiobook when I'm on the computer or cleaning or sewing.. while I wish this made me more efficient, all it really does is divide my attention between the two.
3. Cut out the fast food. For my cholesterol's sake.
4. Learn how to drape. Right now, I'm looking into pin-able jersey dress forms for that specific reason!
5. Participate in NaNoWriMo. I learned about NaNo from college friends a few years ago. Every November, I mark it on my calendar - and every November, I don't get ten words in. Maybe this year?
6. Try my hand at professional, entrepreneurial sewing. I want to sew pieces worthy of selling in a shop. This is a big one, since I'm still so new to sewing.. but I really want to create pieces with pretty details and serged seams that I'd be proud to sell.
7. Help out the community around me. I added this resolution later when my mom called me out on having a pretty selfish resolution list.. I got mad at first, but she's really right. (And I can't get angry about having an honest mom.) 2011 shouldn't be all about me and my business - how about spending my time/energy on others just as readily as I do myself? So this year, I'm going to make it happen. Food pantry volunteering? Helping out my local church? Flood relief? Nashville's been a good city to me, I should be good to it.

What are your resolutions for 2011?