velvet valentine

IMG_2325 - Version 2



Photos by Neil!

Red Velvet Dress - Handmade
Peter Pan Collar Blouse, Cream Tights - American Apparel
Tan Platform Sandals - Lulu's
Brocade Carpet Bag - Thrifted

This past weekend, Neil and I dressed up and went out for the day, visiting all of our favorite spots in Nashville. We ate bison burgers and marinated olives in East Nashville and took walks and shopped for new records and ate a bunch of chocolate.. and I finally got to wear the dress I sewed for Valentine's.

After watching Pretty Baby, I knew I wanted to pair the dress with a pair of cream tights and a collared blouse underneath (thanks to you guys for the suggestion!). I have a feeling that I'll be wearing cream colored tights a lot this spring and into the fall, especially after seeing one of my favorite designers come out with a fall/winter 2011 collection featuring an unbelievable pair.. I'm sure to post about it soon. And the platform shoes were a recent buy.


IMG_2231 - Version 4IMG_2214

Hope you're all having a wonderful beginning to your week! Neil and I are in the middle of a lazy movie marathon.. just finished When Harry Met Sally and we're moving onto Casablanca. As fun as our day out was this weekend, I think I'm loving this more. Shop update tomorrow (for real)!