sewing saturday.. completed wide legged high waist trousers!

sewing saturday! wide legged chambray trousers

Sewing Saturday! This weekend, I finished the wide legged chambray trousers I started a couple of weeks back.


To start, I sewed the two back pieces together at the center seam and sewed the darts in as well, much like I did with the front pieces previously. I then pressed the zipper opening by 5/8 inch and 1/2 inch on the front piece, hand basting the zipper in place (long, easy-to-remove red stitches in the first photo). Once the zipper was firm, I turned the pockets inside out, pressed them, and pinned them to their designated spots at the front of the pants. I sewed the two ends at the top and sides then topstitched along the curve, leaving the pocket opening at the top.


I then sewed the zipper in place using my machine's zipper foot. I attached the front and back pieces together at the sides then eased them to fit in the middle. I sewed the legs together from the crotch down. Once the legs were formed, I pressed then sewed the openings. I allowed a two inch seam, although now I know I'll have to hem them a whole lot more if I want them to fit me. Maybe I'll cuff them at the bottom.


Now for the waistband! I attached the faced piece of waistband to the waist of the pants, right sides together, matching markings on both pieces. I sewed them together within their seam allowance, trimmed the seams, then pressed the waistband upwards. The other piece of waistband was left. I ironed the 5/8 inch seam allowance on the notched edge of the un-faced waistband piece, then attached it to the faced waistband, right sides together, sewing the top and sides. I trimmed edges and turned them outside in, ironing the waistband flat. The 5/8 inch seam allowance that was ironed inwards is now at the inside of the trousers. I slip stitched the inside piece of waistband to the pants, carefully and discreetly.


The last step involved sewing some hook and eye closures to the waistband opening.. and then, done!

sewing saturday! wide legged chambray trouserssewing saturday! wide legged chambray trousers
sewing saturday! wide legged chambray trousers

Now, these pants are nearly the entire length of me. So I'll have to do some major hemming. And the waist is a bit big too, but that's a problem easily fixed with a belt. I can't wait to wear them! What do you think I should pair them with? I've just found a pretty nude lace crop top that I might try wearing out with these pants (if I'm feeling brave and not going to church).

Friday marked the death of a friend of mine - my laptop. Red wine was spilled and all was lost. While being without my Macbook is definitely a pain (as well as losing some much-loved photos and files on my hard drive), I'm really looking forward to a new computer! Mine was nearly four years old, so it was about time to retire him anyway. Any laptop suggestions? Is the new 13 inch Macbook a good buy?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!