antique stores, old fashioned diners


Photos by Neil!

White Floral Trim Blouse - Antique Store (originally a vintage nightgown)
Mid Length Chambray Skirt - American Apparel
Vintage Bass Saddle Shoes - Learn to Read Etsy Store
Pointelle Socks - Forever21

Yesterday, Neil and I took a trip to Lebanon, Tennessee to visit some antique stores and eat at Snow White Drive-In Diner (barbecue and turnip greens!). The weather was lovely, which made the drive seem so short. We walked around the old town center, drank a hot fudge and banana milkshake, visited maybe five or six shops, and very seriously contemplated buying a butter churn. We also enjoyed getting creeped out at one antique store that had an electric chair and dozens of very old, very stuffed animals, some originally purchased from museums that had closed down over the years.

I found a few good pieces, including two framed Holly Hobbie pictures (one embroidery piece!) and some vintage crochet collars for the spring. Also, the prettiest peter pan collar bed jacket from the 50s that I plan on making into a blouse with a few added buttons. The whole visit felt very all-American, and so it was fitting that I wore a long chambray skirt with saddle shoes.. although Neil and I definitely stuck out wherever we went.

Happy weekend! What are your plans for the day?