sewing saturday.. a completed baby's floral jumper


Sewing Saturday! This week, I'm sharing continued progress of a little girl's floral jumper (now finished) I made for my friend's recent arrival.

Beginning where I left off last time, I had the bodice of the jumper all ready to sew the yoke and shoulder straps to. I cut out two facing pieces for the yoke pieces, trimmed the facing pieces, and steam ironed the facing onto the yoke. The two yoke pieces with facing were then ready to sew onto the top of the jumper, right sides together, at the seam allowance on the top edge.


I then prepped the shoulder straps. I pressed them in half lengthwise and sewed them along the edges, keeping one specific notched edge open to turn the shoulder straps inside out. I pressed them flat, then attached them to the back yoke piece at matching places on each end.

Before finishing the yoke, I sewed the double fold bias tape to the armpit area (this was actually something I should have done much earlier, but I missed the step).

Then, it was time to use the remaining two yoke pieces to sew to the yokes with facing that were already sewn to the jumper. I pressed one edge's seam allowance inward then matched the yoke pieces, right sides together, and sewed them at their edges, turning them inward so right sides were facing out. I topstitched the yoke shut.


After sewing two buttons to the shoulder straps and button holes to the front yoke, the jumper was finished!


And that's all for this project!


Since I sewed the jumper with a medium weight floral cotton, the jumper has a great stiff flare to the skirt. While it's not perfect, I'm happy with how it turned out, especially since it's my first attempt at sewing baby clothes. I have a few 1940s patterns for other children's clothing that I'm excited to try in the future. I gave the jumper to my friend Ash and her baby Jocelyn just this past week.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We're taking it easy tonight after a lazy day of church and lots of food with my parents and Rhi and Drew. Neil and I took photos outside with my Easter dress, which I'll share soon.. but first, a shop update tomorrow. Happy Sunday, all!