spring pastures

IMG_8117 - Version 2

Photos by Neil!

1950s Crochet Lace Dress - Ms. Tips Vintage
Suede and Leather Wedge Sandals - Kork Ease from UO
Vintage Millinery Rose Hair Pins - yard sale

I opted for a simple outfit this Easter, a vanilla lace dress from the 1950s and nude colored platform sandals. This dress from Ms. Tips Vintage is fast becoming a favorite of mine, one of those rare finds in life - a dress actually fits (there is only one other dress in my closet that has the same claim to my affections, and for the same reason). Even my wedding dress didn't fit like this, despite a million alterations.

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Creams, whites, beiges - these are my favorite colors to wear this spring, and I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate them into outfits.

We celebrated Easter this year with a low-key weekend - time with Rhi and Drew and my parents, church in the morning, then a day of sitting around smelling supper cooking. My dad is usually in charge of holiday menus with my mom and Neil helping out, and this year was no exception. We had a traditional meal with ham, potatoes, rolls, and bluefish stuffed with peanuts and raisins. I love being grown up and having a friendship with my parents. It just shows how much all relationships evolve, even and especially with the ones closest to you. Have you had the same experiences as you grow older?

Eating leftover cheesecake and watching James Bond movies with Neil. We're anticipating some major storms tonight, so I'm trying to talk Neil into pulling our mattress into the living room and having a campout (our bed sits right underneath a window, which isn't the best place to be during a thunderstorm). Hope you're staying safe and dry tonight!